5 Exciting Augmented Reality Apps for iPad

Many folks do not consider iPad 2 to be a major upgrade over iPad 1. It is true that Apple did not go out of its way to blow its competition out of the water. It is not as if Apple’s competitors were threatening iPad’s position in the tablet market anyway. But the 2nd generation iPads do have cameras. That means you can technically use these to play with augmented reality apps on your iPad. Here are 5 AR iPad apps worth playing with:

Spy Glass: an awesome navigation app for outdoors. It provides you with inclinometer, sextant, rangefinder, angular calculator, and a whole lot of other features. The compass feature is pretty powerful too.

Home Decorator: want to decorate your home on your iPad and see how things will look if you decide to pull the trigger on your plan? This app has you covered.

Wikitude: a fun application that helps you find more information about your surroundings. All you have to do is point your iPad to the right direction.

Star Chart: an astronomy application on steroids. It is like having your own star guide in your pocket. It can display all 88 constellations.

Word Lens: included in this list for the amount of potential its idea has. This app can translate printed words from one language to another using your video camera.

What are your suggestions? Please add your favorite augmented reality apps for iPad below.

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