5 Awesome Backgammon Apps for iPad

The game of backgammon is one of the most addictive board games around. It is a lot of fun to play against friends. But you won’t always have someone around to play the game with you. With these backgammon apps for iPad, you can play this game anywhere and everywhere:

backgammon Nj

Backgammon NJ: we have tested plenty of backgammon applications in the past. This title happens to be the best one we have tested. It has great graphics, strong engine, and 4 skill levels.


XG Mobile Backgammon: brings eXtreme Gammon to your tablet. It has a strong engine and lets you play against a friend. The tutor mode is helpful too.

backgammon touch

Backgammon Touch: an overall decent backgammon games for iPad. It keeps track of your statistics and has quality graphics.


Backgammon HD: want to play backgammon online? This application has you covered. It gives you multiple ways to play online and supports Game Center. Single player gaming is offered too.


Backgammon Deluxe: has decent graphics and sounds. Let’s you play against the computer or another person in the 2 player model. The AI offers 3 levels of difficulty.

The first two apps on this list are pretty special. They have strong AIs and great graphics. The other 3 titles are decent to try too. If you love backgammon, you are going to enjoy these titles.


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