Beginner French for iPad

Not everyone can handle learning a new language the same way. Some of us pick up new languages better than others. The French language is a beautiful and fun language to learn but it’s anything but easy. Thanks to Beginner French for iPad, you can get a head start and take your first steps towards learning and mastering the French language. Practice makes perfect, and this application will give you plenty of that.

Learning French is not going to be easy. It’s one of the most difficult languages to pick up. Beginner French is developed to help users improve reading, speaking, and listening skills. It has multiple voices to help users get a better feel for different speaking styles. The app has 25 situations (each covering a useful topic ) that will keep you going for a while. Here are just a few things you will learn after practicing with this app:

  • how to introduce yourself
  • find out what other people do for a living
  • give people information about yourself
  • how to deal with French slang and idioms
  • how to say months, numbers, and … in French
  • much more…

The developers behind this app understand that practice makes perfect, which is why they have included review tracks, vocabulary lists, and sample sentences to help users further practice their French (we did have a few issues with individual “informal” tracks though the full tracks work just fine).

Beginner French for iPad is not an app you can finish up in a couple of hours and put away. It has a wealth of information on the French language, its grammar, and words you need to have in your vocabulary. The information on culture and informal ways to say things are nice to have too.

Beginner French for iPad may not turn you into a natural-born French speaker, but it does improve your listening comprehension, reading, and speaking. It even improves your grammar and gets you familiar with things you can talk about with French speakers. While not everyone can learn the French language at the same speed, it’d be a miracle if you don’t learn something after using Beginner French for iPad.

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