Those of you who happen to live in an area that has an unpredictable weather know the importance of keeping up with the latest weather forecasts. Weather forecasts are not always accurate but they are still very helpful. WeatherStation is a powerful free application for iPad that lets you stay on top of the latest weather conditions in your area and be prepared for what’s ahead.

This app has a super attractive interface and fits as much information as one can handle on your iPad’s screen. It provides you with current temperature, humidity level, wind speed, windchill, and chances of rain in your area. It can of course be used as a digital clock or calendar.

WeatherStation comes with multiple colors (for day or night). You can manually change your location to get the 5 day forecast for your area (including temperature, rain chances, and other weather information).

All in all, if you need to stay on top of weather information in your area or just want to be prepared for the worst case scenarios, WeatherStation can help.

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