25 Cool Free Games for iPad

While a lot of people use their iPads to get their work done, there is no reason not to play games on your device. iPad is the perfect gaming device for those spending a lot of time on the road, especially considering the number of awesome games available for it. These 25 games are free and can keep you entertained for a while:

Samurai II: Dojo: has amazing graphics and game play. It is compatible with older Apple devices as well. A very intense game for those of you looking for some action.

NinJump – HD for iPad: a fast paced ninja climbing game. While you are working your way up, you have to deal with all kinds of enemies.

Angry Birds Rio HD: has the physics-based game-play many of us have to love in this franchise. It is super addictive and offers 6 levels.

Alpine Crawler HD: a cross country vehicle simulation application that is quite challenging and very addictive. It has 6 challenging levels.

Deer Hunter Challenge: into hunting games much? This game has 3D graphics and works with Game Center. It has a career mode but you can always tackle mini games.

Air Hockey Gold: a popular free air hockey game for Apple iPad. It has a 2 player mode. Its control are easy. This app has advanced physics.

Snooker Club: provides you with a rich snooker experience on your iPad. It has intuitive controls and HD graphics.

Kickoff for iPad: this game is quite simple but very addictive. Your goal is to score touchdowns. But defenders won’t make it easy for you.

Tower Bricks HD: your goal is to build as tall a tower as possible with blocks. But you don’t want to drop too many blocks. This game can be quite addictive.

Trial Xtreme: if you are into motorcycle racing, this game is for you. It has amazing graphics and 30 levels of difficulty.

Doodle Army 2: an intense fighting game for iPad that you can play with up to 4 players. Local multiplayer via Bluetooth is offered. It has training and survival modes.

Gun Bros: a cool action shooter game for iPad. It has decent graphics and plenty of weapons you can take advantage of to blow things up.

Harbor Master HD: your goal is to manage the boats in your harbor. It is quite good looking and can be very addictive.

Men vs. Machines: similar to Gun Bros in many ways. Your goal is to fight off the machines and master your weapons. It offers a lot of action.

Original Gangstaz HD: an awesome multiplayer gang war that you can play against millions of other people online. A super addictive game.

Hit Tennis 2 for iPad: into tennis much? This app lets you play tennis right on your iPad. You can control your ball by swiping. You can challenge your friends too.

Chess Free HD for iPad: a good looking chess game for your tablet. You can play it against computer or a friend. Its AI’s level of difficulty can be modified.

Checkers Free HD: a superb looking checkers game for your tablet. 1 and 2 player modes are supported. The AI is quite strong but you can adjust its strength level.

@SUDOKU: a great game for those of you into Math puzzles of this type. Does not have all the levels of the paid version but good enough for a quick game.

American Ball for iPad: has great 3D graphics with realistic physics. Online tournament mode is nice too.

Tap Tap Radiation: Tap Tap games are quite popular. This one has more free tracks and effects with 4 difficulty levels.

Blind World 2 HD: a very unusual but fun puzzle game for iPad. It has 40 levels and involves changing gravity and manipulating your game field on iPad.

Touch Pets Dogs 2: a family friendly game for iPad. You get to adopt a puppy and take care of it on your tablet.

Hangman Free: the classic word puzzle for your tablet. Can you guess the words in time? It supports 1/2 player modes.

Blocks FREE: the game of blocks does not need any introduction. It is a classic puzzle game available for many platforms. It has 1 level of difficulty with 50 puzzles. The paid version has many more.

What’s your favorite free game for iPad?

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