Rest Stops Plus

Those of you who have been lucky to go on many long road trips in the past know too well about the importance of planning ahead of time to stay out of trouble. Of course, you can’t master every road in the book. At the same time, having maps, a navigation device, and information on the roads you will be taking for your trip can save you time and headaches on the road. Rest Stops Plus addresses one of the major needs of those who are taking a long road trip. These places can provide you with the opportunity to freshen up, get some food, and take your mind off the road for a bit. Rest Stops Plus puts a guide on rest stops at the palm of your hand.

Rest Stops Plus can answer the dreaded question of “where in the world is the next rest stop?” If you don’t know the road that you are taking like a back of your hand, chances are you don’t have an idea when the rest stop is coming up. Thanks to Rest Stops Plus, you won’t have to drive in the dark. The app covers welcome centers, service plazas, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for a rest room or a place to get some food, RSP has you covered.

Rest Stops Plus provides you with an updated list of places you can use as your rest stop. It can filter stops that are not in your router or don’t apply to you. I love the fact that this app does not make you change your course just to make a stop. The data is stored on your iPad, so you don’t have to be connected to the Internet to get the information available. The map feature is pretty decent and saves you from having to carry a map with you everywhere you go.

Not everyone stops for the same reason and not every rest stop offers what you need. Rest Stops Plus filters through results and finds what you are looking for fast.

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