BN eReader for iPad

Many experts have talked about how the iPad can’t challenge Kindle or other e-readers just because it does not take advantage of E-ink technology. If that is the case, why is it that other e-reader makers are working so hard to bring their apps to iPad. We have already seen Amazon release Kindle for iPad. Barnes & Noble has done that as well with BN eReader. It’s a free application that lets you read your B&N books on your iPad without having to spend money on the nook.

BN eReader is designed for those of you who have made a habit of buying books from Barnes & Noble. It lets you download your books almost instantly and sync them across multiple devices. It even offers the popular Lendme feature (first introduced on nook), so you can share your books with others.

You get free samples with this app (you can sample any e-book). You can change your font or background and text color to make them fit your needs. The app itself is pretty fun to use and makes reading e-books very convenient. The free Merriam-Webster’s dictionary included with this app is pretty helpful too.

It’d been nice if you could purchase books from within the application. The app itself is pretty solid though. I personally buy most of my books from Amazon. But if B&N is your cup of tea or you own a nook, BN eReader is a good pickup.

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