5 Brain Workout Apps for iPad

Our brains are truly precious. Your brain could become a bit sluggish if you don’t give it a work out once in a while. Let’s not forget that as we get older, our memory and cognitive skills might suffer. These 5 brain workout apps for iPad help you keep your brain sharp:


Lumosity: one of the best brain training programs around. The online version has more games, but the app has enough to challenge your brain.


BrainHQ: has challenges that target specific brain processes. They adapt to your performance and get more challenging the more you play the game.


Fit Brains Trainer: it has over 360 games and training sessions to improve your memory, concentration, and problem solving skills. The app lets you compare your performance against others in your age group.


Brainbean: includes word scramble, letter list, remote association, and other games to improve your problem solving skills and energize your brain.


Recall: helps you improve your memory by challenging you to remember as many numbers possible. Play with it long enough to improve your concentration.

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