Apple iPad is capable of handling all kinds of tasks. I am personally in love with my iPad for making it easier for me to never touch a paper notebook again. Writing things on a paper notebook is not efficient. Besides, who would want to search through a whole notebook to find a certain topic or even sentence. Chapters is a handy iPad application that lets you create and manage multiple digital notebooks on the go. No need to buy more paper notebooks or waste hours searching for things.

The nice thing about Chapters is that it lets you create multiple notebooks with their very own settings. These notebooks can be private, just in case you are taking personal notes. Since you are dealing with a virtual notebook, there is no limit to how much you can write in your notebook. Unlike regular notebooks, you can add photos to the ones you store in Chapters.

These notebooks can be customized too. You can change the background color of your notebook. Exporting notebooks via e-mail is supported too. Searching/looking up things by date is pretty powerful too.

If you are looking for an intuitive app that stores your notes and lets you save time searching through them, Chapters may be for you.

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