Cogs HD

Playing those action and adventure games on iPad can be entertaining. But sometimes you want to get your feet wet with a game that is challenging and addictive at the same time. Cogs HD is a fun puzzle game that will throw a different curve-ball at you and brings some variety to your iPad gaming life.

Cogs HD is all about building highly complex machines. The goal is to use the right parts to get your machine working. You have plenty of widgets you can take advantage of to get the job done (including but not limited to gears, pipes, balloons, hammers, …).

Cogs HD has multiple modes that are addictive and can be quite challenging. This game has over 51 levels, which get extremely challenging as you get close to the finish line. In Inventor mode, you race hard against time.

I like the fact that you can challenge yourself against others by comparing your achievements with those at the top of the leader-boards. The game has an awesome design and its 3D visuals are quite amazing too. If you are looking for a puzzle that looks great, is challenging, and keeps you entertained for long, Cogs HD is worth a look.

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