Chem3D for iPad

Chemistry is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are planning to pursue a career as a biologist, medical professional, or a scientist in general, you will have to deal with chemistry. Having the right tools could help you master chemistry faster. Chem3D for iPad is a handy application that lets you view and manipulate 3D images of chemical structures on your tablet.

chem 3d

Chem3D is an interactive application that allows you to download 3D structures of DNA, RNA, proteins, and other small organics. You get 5 viewing modes and can rotate 3D models when you need to. The app lets you export to STL for 3D printing (or PNG if you prefer that). The Flick-to-Share technology is a plus.

chem 3d

Chem3D for iPad may be an overkill for most of us. But if you happen to be a chemist or chemistry student, this app could prove more than helpful.

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