Those of us who have lived in the west all our lives can find learning some of the languages from the East quite challenging. The Chinese language may be a powerful one but it is very much different from what we are used to in the U.S. Speaking it is one thing. Learning how to write Chinese is a whole other story. Chinagram is an awesome iPad application that aims to teach users how to get started with Chinese writing. It provides you with background information and other useful facts about the Chinese language to get you started with your journey in this language.

China not only has the largest population among all the countries around the globe, it is rising fast as an economy and a world power. Learning the Chinese language is not a bad idea, especially if you plan to do business in that side of the world in the future. Chinagram provides you with information on Chinese marks to give you a better understanding about them. The app contains the meaning and origin of over 120 characters in this language. It is not only a great tool to find more information about this culture, it can be helpful for linguists too.

The app does let you practice characters, so you actually do learn how to write in Chinese. The pronunciation of each character is included, which is a plus. It should not take you long to realize how beautiful this language is, though mastering it will take a whole lot more. The good news is you can always save your favorite characters and practice them later.  This app does give you a basic understanding of how the language works and how each character is used in pragmatic fashion.

Chinagram is one beautiful application about a beautiful language. It is very informative and can be quite a time killer when you get busy with the characters in this app. Great tool for beginners to get started with the Chinese language.

Rating: 89/100

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