Solitaire Chess

Chess can be challenging and a whole lot of fun to play as long as you are playing against an opponent that can put up some challenge against your moves. But it could get old for those who are not necessarily in love with it. Solitaire Chess is a cool puzzle game that puts the fun back in chess.

Solitaire Chess is not just another chess game. It is a challenging logic game that can get your brain moving after the first few moves. Every move you make needs to be a capture. You continue the game until only one piece is left on your board.

You don’t even need to know chess to start playing this game. Once you pick up a piece, the app automatically shows you the moves available to you. The game has over 400 challenges and 4 levels of difficulty. It supports redo/undo functionality. Players can save their games and scores as well.

Solitaire Chess is not regular chess and does not intend to be. It’s a fun logic game that anyone can start learning and playing in just a matter of minutes (if not seconds). It has enough challenges to keep you going for a while.

Rating: 88/100

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