Contacts Duster Pro

Managing a small contact database is not very difficult. But things could get a bit messy if you combine multiple contact databases and end up with duplicate names, email addresses, and other information on your phone. Fixing those types of databases is not that hard but can be time consuming. Contacts Duster Pro is a time-saving application that saves you time merging and purging multiple entries.

Contacts Duster Pro is an attractive contact management tool for iPhone and iPad. It analyzes your contacts and shows you how many duplicates or zombie contacts are in your database. Users can merge and purge duplicate contacts in your address book. The app lets you create and manage groups. It detects duplicates inside your contacts too. Batch sharing and deleting are supported.

Contacts Duster Pro detects empty groups. It visualizes your address book to give you a better idea about the state of your database of contacts. You can backup and restore your entries too. Pretty nice tool to have around if you have trouble getting rid of all duplicate entries in your database of contacts. Just make sure your contacts /notes are backed up before using this, just to be on the safe side.

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