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Those of you who have been around wines in the past have probably realized that there is a whole science and art to this field. There are a ton of people who spend hours of their day mixing things and testing wines. There are just so many of them around these days. Not everyone is going to have the time to research wines on a daily basis. Thanks to Wine Info, you won’t have to. It lets you search through 935K+ wines to find and try new drinks. Wine Info has something for everyone. It has a huge database of wines with a ton of reviews. Its bar-code scanning feature is very convenient too, though not accurate all the time. The developers behind this app have done a great job offering features that can save wine lovers time. The best example is the side-by-side comparison feature is pretty helpful. is capable of grabbing the latest pricing information for the drinks you intend to pick up. The app keeps track of your previous drinks, so you’ll always know what you have tried in the past. does have a lot of useful information for wine novices (e.g. jargons). Its social networking features are a plus.

If you are into wine or just need a tool to do better wine research, Wine Info can be helpful. It’s well-designed, fast, and has a ton of information.

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