Smart Merge Duplicate Contacts

We all store our contact database on our iPhone, iPad, and other devices. Sometimes, we store them in multiple places. Syncing your contact databases stored in different locations can be time consuming. Besides, you will have to worry about duplicate and almost duplicate contact entries too. Smart Merge is a time-saving app that lets you merge duplicate contacts in a flash.

Smart Merge can handle duplicate contacts, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. It also lets you find incomplete contacts (e..g those without names, phone number, or e-mail address). Have thousands of names in your contacts lists? While it is true that the process gets slower when you have more contacts, Smart Merge should be able to handle thousands of contact entries.

Smart Merge is fast and keeps your contacts database clean. Make sure you backup your contacts database before using apps such as this one. It never hurts to be cautious. Smart Merge worked great for our database which had ever 1000 entries in it. It has potential to be even better.

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