Dance and Get Fit with These iPad Apps (5 Apps)

Dancing can be lots of fun. Just like anything else that involves moving your body, dancing could help you get fit. Besides, learning how to do it well is a confidence booster and lots of fun. These 5 dance fitness iPad apps show you how to burn more calories and take your dance skills to the next level:


iDance: a beautiful application that shows you how to perform popular dance steps. It has over 225 individual dance animations with instructions on footwork, movement, timing/rhythm, and arm movements. 40 classes are available but you can create your own routines.

pole motion

Pole Motion: provides you with a complete guide to pole dancing fitness. The app has videos and photos to show you how to warm up, stretch, tone your body, and burn calories in the process.


Zumba Dance: brings Zumba fitness routines to your smartphone and tablet. Its motion tracking technology helps you get the most out of your workout.


Learn Hip Hop Dance: it shows you how to master top hip hop moves and variations. Text instructions for moves are available so you can keep up.

pocket salsa

Pocket Salsa: salsa can be lots of fun to learn and master. It will take time but this app does have over 120 video dance lessons to get you going.

Dancing can be lots of fun. It lifts your spirit and helps your body burn calories. The above dance fitness apps show you how to master new moves and get fit in the process.

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