DataMan Pro for iPad

Most data plans have certain limits that you do not want to go over. Wireless companies make a lot of money from overage fees and penalties. It is so easy to go over your limit if you do not keep an eye on your usage patterns. DataMon Pro is a real time data usage tracker that lets you know when you are about to go over what your data plan offers. It keeps track of your activities and saves you a ton of money in the long run.

DataMon Pro provides you with real time usage alerts. This is very useful if you tend to watch YouTube videos or listen to services such as Spotify using your data plan. DataMon records your daily, weekly, and monthly usage (cellular and WiFi). It offers geo-tagging too, letting you figure out where you have consumed your data.

DataMan Pro works for all carriers. It offers 4 levels of usage threshold and 3 data allowances for your data plan. You can export your usage data through iTunes. The app does tell you loud and clear when you are over your limit. If you are tired of paying overage fees to your wireless carrier, DataMan Pro is well worth checking out. It pays for itself fasts.

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