dB Volume Meter for iPad

Many sound engineers deal with sound meters all the time. Professional sound meters are not cheap but necessary tools to measure audio volumes in any given environment. Not everyone needs a professional sound meter tool though. You could always rely on apps such as dB Volume Meter to measure sound pressure levels in your environment. This does not replace a professional sound meter but gives you an idea what you are dealing with.

db volume meter

dB Volume Meter has a dark design and shows the numbers in a easy-to-read fashion. The app does allow you to use an external microphone to measure sounds but you will need to calibrate the app. Of course, you don’t have a choice if you are still using an iPod Touch. The app provides you with average, peak, and other sound level information. Make sure you use the guide the developers provide to find out more about decibel levels.


dB Volume Meter does not replace a professional sound meter. But it does give you a rough idea what you are dealing with in your environment. It looks decent and is cheap.

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