Device Expert HD for iPad

The iPad is just like any other computer. It is true that it has a compact design. But like your desktop computer, it has its own processor, RAM, storage, processes, and more. If your device is performing well, you probably don’t need to worry about keeping up with what’s happening on it. Otherwise, apps such as Device Expert HD could help you gain a better understanding of what’s slowing down your device.

Device Expert HD lets you track iPad’s battery, memory, disk, and processors. Want to figure out how much battery your device has left for a particular task? Device Expert HD has you covered. More importantly, it tracks memory usage and disk capacity. It also offers file statistics. The information is presented in a graphical fashion which helps.

The Device Expert HD displays the current state of processor activity. It also covers device model, user name, and UDID. Detailed CPU information and hardware features are included as well. This is a universal application, so it will work fine on iPhone and iPad.

The Device Expert HD saves you time finding out what’s happening on your tablet. It is good looking and does what it promises.

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