ReadQuick Speed Reader for iPad

Speed reading is one of the most underrated skills to have. Most people want to learn and type as fast as they can. That is a nice skill to have. But if you can’t read fast, you are going to have a tough time keeping up and edging your competition. ReadQuick for iOS is a handy speed reader that helps you get enough practice to take your reading skills to the next level.

read quick

ReadQuick is a speed reader. That idea is not new considering that a number of other apps we have covered can help you become a better speed reader. This app lets you use your own reading list to accomplish that. You set the pace but the app shows words one at at time. You can also use your Instapaper account to start reading. You are going to have to use this app for a while before getting real results though.


ReadQuick is simple and helps you practice speed reading. You get to read interesting articles while learning a new skill. What’s not to like?

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