Easy FTP Pro for iPad

Anyone who has run a website in the past knows about FTP and FTP clients. You are going to need one to transfer files to your website. You are not limited to your computer though. Apps such as Easy FTP Pro allow you to make FTP and SFTP connections from your iPhone and iPad. This particular app has a very clean design and lets you transfer files between your device and a server.


Easy FTP Pro supports FTP and SFTP connections. You can browse, upload, and download files. SSH commands are supported. This is more than just a FTP client though. Easy FTP Pro also serves as a Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and other popular file formats. It has an audio player, text editor, and compression tools. You can connect to multiple servers to download multiple files.

easy ftp

Easy FTP Pro is a handy tool to have to access your server and transfer files. It provides support for Dropbox too. This is a universal application optimized for iOS 7.

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