ESO Top 100

Our universe is truly an amazing place. It is full of beauty and wonders. When it comes to exploring our universe, we have not even scratched the surface yet. But our powerful telescopes have taken some amazing pictures from galaxies and other beauties in the space. ESO Top 100 is an awesome app that brings top 100 images from the European Southern Observatory to your iPad.

The ESO Top 100 images cover some of the most astonishing galaxies and nebulae in space. You can use these as your wallpapers or just go through them to appreciate the vastness and beauty of the universe. Additional information on each photo is includes, so you will know what you are looking at.

The ESO Top 100 app does have a slideshow play mode. It has great pictures and can teach you a thing or two about the field of astronomy. You don’t even have to be an astronomy geek to appreciate these photos. We would love more images to be added to the app though.

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