MeAgainstMe for iPad

The human body is an amazing biological machine. In order to get and stay fit for long, you are going to have to keep your body on its toes. Doing the same moves again and again won’t work in the long term as your body gets used to them. MeAgainstMe for iPad is a useful tool that helps you compete against your previous results.

MeAgainstMe is a useful tool for weight lifters and workout junkies. It helps you track your workouts and compare your current results to what you have done in the past (based on 1RM). Want to see how your body is changing overtime? The app lets you add photos to your daily log. The data and time of your workouts are automatically added to your results, saving you time in the process.

MeAgainstMe puts your data on a graph, showing you visually how much progress you have been making. Want to share your results with your friends and followers? MeAgainstMe supports Twitter and Facebook. If you need an app that pits you against your past workout results, MeAgainstMe is well worth checking out.

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