Filibaba Egg Timer for iPad

Using a decent timer on a daily basis could make you more productive and help you get things done the way they need to be. You don’t need to invest in a fancy timer to time your tasks. The Filibaba Egg Timer can more than help you in this area. It has a fun look and helps you stay on top of cooking. Just choose how long your tasks are going to be and this egg timer does the rest for you.

egg timer

The design is pretty simple but colorful. You can choose from a number of color backgrounds and eggs to get the combination that works for you. If you think about it, how the eggs look should not matter when you just need an app to keep track of time. Once the specified time is up, the app will ring once. You can try the app for free but to remove ads, you will need to pay $1.


The Filibaba Egg Timer is simple and good looking.  The app is optimized for iOS 7 and works on your iPhone too. There are better timers on the market though.

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