Fotopedia Japan

The recent tragic events in Japan have put the country in the center of the news. But many of us already know how beautiful this country is. There is plenty of exciting aspects to Japan. The culture, tradition, architecture, and fashion are all worth exploring. Thanks to apps such as Fotopedia Japan, you can find even more about this country before actually traveling there.

Fotopedia Japan includes over 1000 photos that give you a better understanding of this community. These photos give you a better sense what the Japanese arts, traditions, architecture, and fashion are all about. The background information included with these photos is pretty nice. This is actually a pretty nice tool to have to plan your trip to Japan.

Fotopedia Japan includes maps, slideshows, and plenty of photos. But that’s not all. You also get a trip planner feature to save yourself time getting around and visiting must-see places in the community. This is another powerful app by the folks at Fotonauts.

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