Fungi Kingdom for iPad

Most of us use common mushrooms in our foods once in a while. The kind of mushroom you can pick up from a grocery store is not the only one in the wild. There are a ton of mushroom species around. Identifying mushrooms you find in the wild is not easy though. Fungi Kingdom is a cool application that saves you time identifying the species that you find.

Fungi Kingdom covers more than 600 mushroom species for you to use. It has description for each species. Background information for each mushroom is included as well. Once you choose a mushroom that meets your criteria, the app gives you access to its Wikipedia page. What’s neat is you can use the app without an Internet connection.

Fungi Kingdom won’t make you an expert in this field. But it could teach you a thing or two about mushrooms. For what it does, the app could probably a bit cheaper though.

Rating: 84/100


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