G-for iPad

Gravity is truly one of the most mysterious forces in our universe. Scientists know a lot about this universe, but they still can’t explain the real nature of gravity. But there are plenty of theories that try to explain gravity and phenomena related to it. G-for iPad is a fun physics application for iPad that lets you play with gravitational forces right on your iPad. Just build your own universe, add your own objects, and see what happens.

The concept behind G for iPad is pretty simple. Yet, the app can be so entertaining as you can get some surprising settings on it. When you start the app, you already have a few bodies on your screen. You can add more and be the god of your own universe if you wish.

You can customize the gravity constant and speed in your settings page. You can also reset your universe and start all over again. Collisions are quite fun to view here. Once two bodies collide, they merge. You can zoom in and out to get a better feeling for all the action in your universe.

G for iPad is very interesting and has a lot of potential. I would like to have the ability to build my own solar system (with asteroids, black holes, and …). I am sure that’s quite possible since the developers have done all the hard work already. It’d be also nice if there was a way to reverse Newton’s Gravity Laws just to see what happens. Still, G for iPad is solid as it is and can be very entertaining.

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