Gadget Guide for iPad

Keeping up with the latest gadgets is not always easy. There are plenty of new ones getting released to the market every few days. There is a good reason some bloggers spend hours each day trying to cover the latest and greatest gadgets. Gadget Guide for iPad is a cool application that gives the less tech-savvy among us a crash course on some of the coolest gadgets this year.

Gadget Guide covers personal technology that we saw in 2012. It shows you what’s hot and how you can buy it. The products included in the app, even the cars, are available for purchase within the app, which is a big plus. Plenty of content with pictures are included too. You could always share the gadgets that you find interesting with others.

Gadget Guide does not cover every gadget but includes plenty of good ones we saw this year. The videos and other content included in it will keep you entertained for a while. This is a free application.

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