Wikinvest Portfolio HD

Plenty of folks are making a lot of money from investing. Getting started in the business of stock market investing is not easy for everyone. You may get lucky once or twice. But in general, it is better to invest time each and every day to learn more about the markets you are involved in. Wikinvest Portfolio HD is an attractive iPad application that could help with that.

Wikinvest Portfolio HD helps you track all your investment accounts on your iPad. You can setup and manage your accounts using the app or on Users can link multiple brokerage accounts in the app. It provides you with charts of your portfolio as well as performance comparison for major indices. The latest information on the companies you are following is included as well.

Wikinvest Portfolio HD provides you with balance sheet, income, and other important information to help you make better investment decisions. You can visualize your asset allocation and find out how much risk you are taking for the return you are getting. Over 60 brokerages are covered, which you can import your data from.

Wikinvest Portfolio HD is decent looking but we would love more companies to be supported. The app has potential.

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