Game Table

Board and card games are fun to play no matter how or where you play them. There are a ton of these games available for iPad. You can always purchase them one at a time. But that could cost you a bit of money. Game Table for iPad is an all in one game that lets you play Chess, Poker, Reversi, and card games such as poker on your iPad.

Here is the catch with Game Table. It’s not designed to enforce the rules for you. It’s as the name suggests a virtual game table for you to play on. The tables, boards, and pieces in this app are very easy on the eye. The game’s physics are decent too.

The games are pretty self-explanatory. As long as you can find an opponent to play against, Game Table can take care of the rest. It can even save your positions just in case you do not get to finish a game.

If you are looking for an AI-capable board game, you should probably look elsewhere. Game Table is useful if you just want a game table to play against your friends on.


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