Get Console for iPad

In the past couple of years, we have tested plenty of terminal apps for iPhone and iPad. These are apps that provide you with serial console access to your equipment and support SSH, Telnet and scripting services. Get Console for iPad is one of the most versatile terminal apps around though. It has a familiar interface and manages your serial, telnet and SSH connections.

Get Console provides you with direct Serial Console port access using a C2-RJ45 cable. You also get a telnet and SSH terminal to work with. The app supports password authentication. Scripting of terminal sessions for automating certain tasks is possible too. Users can share their terminal window with remote web users which is a plus.

Get Console lets you configure its settings such as baud rate, flow control, and parity easily. The cloud storage on is useful for storing logs and scripts. You are going to have to be a bit technical to get the most out of this app. But it does what it promises well.

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