6 Awesome Thesaurus Apps for iPad

You don’t need to buy paper dictionaries to look up words these days. Search engines such as Google make looking up words very easy. Want to find synonyms and antonyms on your iPad even faster? These Thesaurus apps for iPad help with that:


Thesaurus Rex by Dictionary.com: saves you time finding synonyms and antonyms on your tablet. It provides you with word recommendations and audio pronunciations. You can shorten your synonyms too.


AED: it provides you with a 4.9-million-word database from premium sources. Audio pronunciations are included. The user interface is elegant and fast. The app includes biographical and geographical data, technical and scientific terms, and idioms.


WordBook XL: an intuitive dictionary for your iPad. It covers 220k definitions with 70k usage samples. It has built-in thesaurus and word links.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary HD: includes definitions from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. It features voice search and audio pronunciations. Example sentences are included.


Visual Dictionary & Thesaurus: helps you find the meanings of words and their connections with others. More than 190k words are covered. No internet connection is required.


Find The Synonym: helps you improve your vocabulary by playing the game. It has 1600 unique synonyms and 700 antonyms.

These thesaurus applications allow you to use your iPad to look up words fast. Great tools to have for writers, students, and everyone in between.

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