Get Fit Dancing: 3 iPad Apps

In order to get fit and stay that way, you need to exercise and adopt a decent diet. Boring exercises can be hard to keep up with. You are always going to be able to push yourself harder when you use music or fun moves to push your body. These 3 apps show you how you can dance your way to fitness:


Zumba Dance: provides you with Zumba fitness routines on your mobile and tablet devices. It uses motion tracking technology to help you get more out of your workout. You get 3 pre-programmed classes but can create your own.

hip hop dance

Learn Hip Hop Dance: helps you master over 50 hip hop moves and variations. The moves are fun and will help you burn some calories.

pole motion

Pole Motion: pole dancing is not as easy as some make it look. This app teaches you how to become a better pole dancer. It covers warm up, pole terms, routines, stretching, and more.

Dancing to get fit can be a lot of fun. The above apps help you make your workout routines more enjoyable.

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