Grammar Pop HD for iPad

Mastering English grammar is not easy for everyone. Many folks who are new to the language struggle to learn the ins and outs of English. But that can be addressed with some practice. Grammar Pop HD for iPad happens to be an awesome app that teaches you parts of speech. The more you play the game, the longer the sentences become, and the more you will learn.

grammar girl

Grammar Pop HD should look familiar to those of you who have followed Grammar Girl in the past. The app provides you with sentences with commonly confused words. The game is great for children but is also adult friendly. You will have to match words with parts of speech to pop clouds and progress to verbs, gerunds, and participles.

grammar pop

Grammar Pop HD has a fun and user-friendly design. It might not make you a grammar genius but might teach you a thing or two if play with it long enough. The app is available for under $1.99  at this time.

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