GRE Vocab Genius for iPad

GRE is not the easiest test around. Let’s not forget that the higher you score, the better will be your chances of impressing top schools. You need to study hard and prepare well ahead of time to ace the GRE test. GRE Vocab Genius for iPad is one of many tools you can use to get ready for the test. It has plenty of flashcards and words to get you ready.


GRE Vocab Genius has over 19000 flashcards to help you master some of the toughest words you need to know for the test. 300+ word element flashcards for prefixes, suffixes, and roots are also included. You can easily search for the words that you would like to study. The tool provides you with feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to track your progress.

gre vocab

GRE Vocab Genius is not the cheapest GRE app around. It does have plenty of words and handy tools to get you ready for the verbal part of this test. It should go without saying that you will need to read more guides and take mock tests to improve your chances of scoring higher.

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