When Apple launched iPad, many of us were interested to see whether the company was going to put a real effort into making an iPad a viable e-book reader. The device is certainly capable of being used as an e-reader. But without proper content, you can’t expect people to pick up this device. iBooks is Apple’s official solution to this problem. It’s designed to give you the ability to download and read books on your iPad. So you were worried about the iPad not being a fully-fledged reader, you have no excuse now.

Just like Kindle for iPad, iBooks lets you download free samples before purchasing books. It also lets you adjust the font size, something you can’t do with a paper book. The support with ePub is a big plus as it’s something Amazon hasn’t done just yet.

You are going to need an iPad to take advantage of iBooks. So it’s not going to available for other platforms like Kindle for iPad. iBookstore is currently available to U.S. customers only. Only ePub books are supported, but you can add your DRM-free documents and sync them with your iPad.

On a downside, the app is not compatible with iPhone and seems to be a bit limited at this point. But if you have ePub books that you want to read your iPad, iBooks is a very useful tool to take advantage of.


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