Alarm Clock Picture Frame

Your iPad can not only be used as an entertainment tool but as a life organizer as well. Apps such as Alarm Clock Picture Frame demonstrate why the iPad is more than just a extra large iPod Touch. It’s a versatile alarm clock designed for those who intend to use their iPad as a travel accessory to manage their life on the go. The app is not only designed to wake you up, it also enables you to connect with your friends and followers, get the latest weather forecasts, and even use your device as a picture frame.

As the above picture (courtesy of the developers behind this app) illustrates, you can more than an alarm clock with this app. The alarm clock feature is pretty what you expect from a decent alarm clock app. You can use your music to wake up or just use the sound included with the app. You can shake your device to snooze and can easily set your alarms for specific days. The app goes beyond that however. It helps you stay on the top of the weather in your area and keep track of your Facebook messages as well. The picture frame feature can be quite useful as well. The flashlight feature is a plus (though I don’t find using iPad or iPhone as a flashlight that useful).

All in all, if you are planning to travel light and don’t want to carry multiple gadgets to get multiple things done on the road, Alarm Clock Picture Frame comes handy. It’s pretty easy to work with and is more than useful for travel. It has a ton of features and does not cost too much money.

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