iEMF+ for iPad

If you have been watching ghost hunting shows on cable TV recently, chances are you have seen EMF devices used to detect supernatural presences. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, EMF detectors are fun devices to play around with. iEMF+ for iPad is a cool little app that turns your device in a magnetic field detector and simulator.

iEMF+ uses the magnetometer in your iOS device to detect changes in the local magnetic field in your surroundings. The app supports multiple units, scales, and magnifications. Filtering earth’s ambient field is supported. In order to reduce noisy sensor readings, you should turn Low Pass Filter on.

iEMF+ works great on iPhones too. You do want to make sure you try it on newer devices as iPhone 3G and iPod Touch only support the Simulation mode. The app does offer an audio effect feature and has multiple color schemes. Overall, a pretty fun app to play around with.

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