Debt Manager for iPad

Getting rid of debt can be quite difficult especially if you have been accumulating a ton of it over the years. The sooner you start getting serious about paying off your debt, the better. Apps such as Debt Manager help you do that in a cheaper fashion. The app uses the Debt Snowball method to show you how to pay off all your debts in the fastest and cheapest way possible.

Debt Manager has an elegant user interface. It lets you track all your debt accounts on your tablet. It covers multiple pay off strategies. You can choose to focus on your lowest balance first. High-interest and highest-balance first methods are also supported. What’s nice about this tool is the fact that it lets you analyze each individual debt by itself.

Debt Manager is highly customizable. You have multiple options for payment periods. Extra amounts can be applied to each debt. The “What If” scenario analyzer is quite useful. Debt Manager’s interactive reports are more than decent. Users can take advantage of them to compare debts and visualize them. The calculators included save you time figuring out your payment and payoff date. Your debt information can be exported in PDF and HTML format, which is a plus.

Debt Manager is quite good looking and has a ton of useful features for anyone trying to get out of debt. It offers you a lot of bang for your buck.

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