iGeiger for iPad

The recent events in Japan have not been good for the environment nor for the Japanese folks. The nuclear power may be necessary to power up the world but it is not a safe source of energy by any means. We still don’t know the full ramifications of the disaster in Japan. But some people are already purchasing Geiger counters, just in case things get worse in the U.S. area (not that it is necessary at this point).

Purchasing a high-end Geiger counter is maybe over-killing it and absolutely unnecessary for consumers. The cheap Geiger counters do have some limitations. Some are hard to read while others could do with better displays. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could link up your Geiger counter with your iPad to get the readings on your tablet. That’s what iGeiger for iPad is for.

iGeiger for iPad uses your device’s microphone to detect the clicks from your Geiger counter. Measurement periods can go from 1 to 3600 seconds. You can normalize them to one minute once you are done with your measurement. The readings can be a bit inaccurate if you don’t get the period right.

iGeiger for iPad does have some potential. It is not exactly the most sophisticated counter app for iPad. But there are not many Geiger counter apps available for iPad anyway. If you have a Geiger counter with a damaged or complex screen, iGeiger for iPad can make getting some readings easier. It is a work in progress at this point.

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