7 Cool Brain Teasers for iPad

You can find plenty of silly games in iOS App Store. Some of these games can be great time killers. Sometimes, you want to play games that challenge your brain and make you sharper. Playing decent puzzle games on your iPad can be entertaining and get the muscles that matter the most moving (as the saying goes). Here are 7 brain teaser apps for iPad that do just that:

Look Again: your goal in this game is to recognize patterns and shapes as fast as possible. It has over 250 levels to keep you going for a while. Not as simple to finish as it sounds.

The Impossible Cube: may look simple on paper but can get quite challenging. Your aim is to rotate and match up cubes to solve levels and unlock new ones.

Six Logic: a logic game that has a 6 by 6 matrix of cells for you to solve (each cell can have 6 values). Don’t forget about the colors either.

Numulus: a cool puzzle that tests your cognitive skills. It could be frustrating to score super high in this game. But its global leaderboards do make it all more interesting.

Brain Teaser HD: this is more a brain training program. But it does have many mini games under various categories.

Arcs for iPhone: a circular puzzle with 40 levels. Rotate circles and slide arcs to match up the colors and win.

Vault Breaker: pretty straight forward puzzle. Your goal is to guess and break the code for the “vault.” Of course, you are not just guessing.

What’s your favorite brain teaser for iOS?

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