Remember the good old days when people used to write daily journals in their pocket notebooks and things of that nature? Times may have changed. But that does not mean you should not write things down these days. You just won’t need a physical notebook to get it done. Not when you have access to apps such as iJournaler for iPad.

iJournaler is a very simple to use application for iPad that lets you record your diary or note down those important daily events and store them for future references. Certainly beats having to carry around a physical notebook. The fact that you can password protect your journal means that your sensitive information will be safe even if you lose your iPad (choose a long password!).

Once you start the app, you are going to be promoted to choose a password for your journal. Make sure you write down the password you use just to make sure you are not locked out in the future. You can always choose the no-password option if you don’t want to have to remember things.

iJournaler has a pretty simple to use interface. Just open it up and start typing. The app will save your writings automatically. Besides, everytime your backup your iPad, your iJournaler data is backed up as well. I like the fact that you can jump through dates easily. I also like the fact that you can change your password easily with a click of a button. But it’d be even better if there was a way to retrieve a forgotten password without having to do something drastic.

I strongly recommend that you should get an iPad keyboard to get the most out of this app. If your journal entries are going to be long, typing with a virtual keyboard can become a hassle. It’d be also nice if multiple journals are supported. But as it is, the app is pretty solid and does what it promises. It has potential


easy to use, securemore formatting and tools needed

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