Notesy for Dropbox

Most of us take notes on a daily basis. It is what allows us to remember everything we need to do. Making backups of your notes is very important. You certainly wouldn’t want to lose your important notes. Notesy for iPad is a cool note taking app that lets you create/edit notes and store them in your Dropbox account.

Notesy for Dropbox works in portrait and landscape modes. Your notes in this program are stored as plain text files, so you can edit them on your computer too. You don’t have to be connected to the internet to use this. All the changes you do are synced with your Dropbox account automatically. TextExapnder is supported too.

Notesy for Dropbox has a very simple user interface. Its search options are pretty impressive and fast. The neat thing is you can recover your deleted notes on Dropbox. Pretty awesome note taking app for iPad.

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