6 Awesome Optical Illusion Apps for iPad

Most of us enjoy optical illusions. It is always fun to see images that play tricks on your mind. People love sharing illusions on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and other sites like those. You can also find plenty of them on blogs. If you love illusions, you are going to find these optical illusion apps entertaining:

wall of illusio

Optical Illusions+: brings a ton of fun illusions to your iPad. It has some mind-bending images for you to check out.

optical illusions

Optical Illusions: another app for optical illusion fans. It has hundreds of images for you to see. You can share your results on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.

eye illusions

Eye Illusions HD: brings optical/motion illusions, appearing/disappearing objects, weird lines, and many more illusions to your device. Illusions are categorized for your convenience.


iTrippin: this app plays tricks on your mind. It uses custom algorithms to generate effective illusions. You can run each illusion for 60 seconds to get better results.


Optical Illusions 100+: brings over 100 illusions you can see on your tablet with no internet connection. You can save your favorite illusions too.


HypnoPhone: turns your iPhone or iPad into a hypnosis tool. It will get your head spinning, in a good way.

Have you found better optical illusion apps?

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