Informer for iPad

Your iPad is just like any other computer. It has a processor, RAM, and internal memory. If you use it to connect to the Internet, your device is going to have its own IP too. Looking up all this information is not that difficult when you have apps such as the Informer around. The Informer app shows you relevant information about iPhone’s hardware, network, and system settings.

The Informer app shows you information about your device. It has 4 panels for you to choose from. The hardware panel shows device type, RAM, and processor information. The system panel tells you about the processes running, the amount of battery you have left, and disk usage.  The networking panel covers everything related to your network. You can find the location of your device through its appropriate section.

Informer for iPad has an elegant user interface and saves you time looking up hardware information for your device. It works on iPhones and iPads. Informer is cheap and does what it promises well.

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