iSleep Space for iPad

The sounds in the background do affect how we sleep and do our work. Some can distract you and keep you from sleeping. But some sounds can help you become more productive or get a more relaxing sleep. iSleep Space for iPad is an app you can use to make your environment ready for meditation and relaxation. This could help you get better sleep too.

iSleep Space can play up to 12 sounds at once. These sounds are recorded in 24 bit and 48 kHz. The audio is looped so you can listen to your music without any interruption. The graphical interface of this app looks pretty decent on the iPad 3 too. The timer feature is pretty handy. The soundwaves included won’t do miracles but they might help you relax and sleep better.

iSleep Space has high quality sounds and an attractive user interface. If you are planning to use this, I encourage you to get a decent pair of headphones to get more out of it. That could make a big difference.

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