JobAware: Job Search for iPad

The state of the job market is not exactly great these days. Millions of people are still looking for a job these days with many others looking to find better positions. In order to find the position of your dreams, you need to have skills. But having the right job search engine at your disposal is pretty useful too. It would help you find positions that you may not know about otherwise. JobAware is an exciting tool that saves you time managing your leads and finding new opportunities.

JobAware finds you jobs in cities near you. It uses your device’s built-in GPS to accomplish this. Want to find out where you can find the best opportunities for your skills? JobAware has you covered. It covers opportunities in over 50 countries. You can search for full-time, part-time, freelance, and internship opportunities.

JobAware not only allows you to search for opportunities but also lets you compare salaries for various occupations. It keeps track of your progress with each position you plan to apply for or have applied for. JobAware also has information on how you can research a company, write a resume, and prepare your cover letter. You can even prioritize job opportunities using this app.

JobAware is more than a job search app. It covers opportunities in plenty of cities but also includes useful tips and information for job hunters. You can track your applications with this too. A pretty solid app for job hunters.

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