TI-Nspire for iPad

Texas Instrument calculators should not need any introduction. Most of us who have taken science courses in college have used them in some shape or form. These days you don’t need necessarily get a sophisticated scientific calculator for your courses. Apps such as TI-Nspire for iPad could more than help. The app is optimized to bring TI’s handheld technology to your iPad.


TI-Nspire for iPad turns your iPad into a sophisticated calculator. You can enter data, graph, and analyze trends on your tablet. This app could prove useful for statistical modeling and general calculations. You can visualize and graph many things including inequalities, trigonometric functions, and polar equations. Users can import images and add equations/graphs to them.


TI-Nspire allows you to easily enter math equations. The app is Dropbox friendly. The online Math Nspired resource center has a lot of free activities for you to take advantage of. This app supports .jpg, jpeg, .bmp and .png image formats.


The TI-Nspire is pretty sophisticated and has a lot going for it. We happened to get it for under $5 as a part of a promotion that TI was running on the App Store. The original price was a bit too high for us though. That aside, the app is quite solid all around.

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