Knot Guide HD

Not all knots are the same. Those of you who have spent time outdoors or have been stuck on the road trying different things have probably had to tie different types of knots. It goes without saying that certain knots are better for certain situations than others. Nobody can know them all. But you can rely on Knot Guide HD to learn how to tie over 90 knots.

Knot Guide HD looks great and is easy to use. It lets you browse through knots by category or name. The app provides you with visual instructions to help you master the art of tying knots. Here are just a few types of knots you can learn about using this app:

  • Overhand
  • Perfection Loop
  • Munter hitch
  • Hunter’s bend
  • Slip
  • Square
  • Trucker’s hitch
  • Albright
  • Anchor Bend
  • Much more

Knot Guide HD has decent photographs. It lets you add your notes to your favorite knots too. Of course, you can just bookmark your favorite knots.

If you know only a couple of knots and want to learn a few for your specific situation, Knot Guide HD can serve as a great learning tool.

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